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Privacy Policy

Fingleton & Co. Solicitors will never knowingly pass on details transmitted through this website, by phone, email, post, fax or in person to unauthorised third parties. In addition to contact you openly make with Fingleton & Co. Solicitors, we would like you to note that we also record visitor activity on our website in the form of anonymous data collection which helps us to improve our website and identify potential problems. Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to track an IP address and other information collected to an individual or organisation unless criminal activity occurs on our website. In such a case, we must pass on details to third legal parties, policing organisations in Ireland or worldwide, or to compile our own legal claims. Within our privacy policy, we pledge to act within the Data Protection Acts (1988 onwards) under Irish law. Any breaches reported to us will be investigated appropriately and if necessary, we will contact relevant government and legal bodies. Please report all complaints and concerns in writing to:


Fingleton & Co Solicitors

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Dublin 14

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E: df@fingletonsolicitors.ie